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Member of the Year & Officer of the Year


Member of the Year:
The recipient of this award is chosen by Section members. All active members are eligible including Officers and Directors. Nominations are cast by club members for a person whom they feel is most deserving of recognition for his or her contributions to the Minuteman Section during the course of the year.


Officer of the Year:
The recipient of this award is nominated by Minuteman Section members. The Section President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are eligible for nomination. Nominations are cast by section members for an officer of the club whom they feel by his/her personality, enthusiasm, and outstanding efforts has been instrumental in advancing the well-being of and/or participation in the Club. The nomination is submitted to the Regional Director and is considered amongst all nominees within their Region. One Officer of the year is named annually in each Region.





Ulysses de Guzman

Ken Bourque

Dean Coclin

2014 Rich Garick  
2013 Ed Owen  
2012 John Piekarczyk Mark Fancy
2010 Mark Fancy  
2009 Ronald Beaton  
2008 Bonnie Fancy John Piekarczyk
2007 Nancy Piekarczyk  
2006 John Slamin  
2005 Jim Myers  
2003 David Sheehan  
2002 Richard Garick  
2001 Ernie Fancy  
2000  Stuart Dickstein  
1999 Cathy Sheehan  
1998 David Hatch  
1997 John Slamin  
1996 Frank Burns  
1995 Peter Vanderveer  
1994 Diane Telford  
1993 Steve Wiener  
1992 Richard Garick  
1990 Monica Llyod  
1989 Ernie Fancy  
1987 George Grasseler  
1986 Ken Bourque  


Section of the Year Award:
This annual award is presented at StarFest, StarTech, or a National Board Meeting. Selection is based on growth, general improvement or maintenance of high standards of activities, meetings, Section management and newsletters, and meeting the objectives and ideals of MBCA.


Public Service Award:
The public service award is designed to encourage sections to hold at least one charity event a year and to promote members' community involvement.